Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gosan no Heart Extra 1 & 2

EDIT: I almost completely forgot about this blog... Links have been removed except for the second extra because it doesn't seem to be anywhere else. Please go read Yaoi Is Life's version. I had wanted to share this series and to contribute to the community but have since changed my views on using Chinese scans.

Well this concludes Gosan no Heart!
This is my first project so I feel kind of sentimental now that I've completed it. I started this whole endeavor because I wanted to share this story after reading it over and over again in Chinese. I want to thank everyone for all their support along the way. Shout out to the mysterious other group for their kind words and support, and all the people who've helped me out.

Yaoi Is Life is also working on GnH and they will be doing the whole volume!  ヽ(;▽;)ノ I'm so happy! So I will skip working on the other two stories since everyone will get it eventually. Go shoot them support!

I also encourage whoever read the other group's release, to pick up Extra 2 because I don't think it was included in the tank.

Without further ado... I got that summertime, summertime sadness.

Gosan no Heart Ex 1 DL|RO
Gosan no Heart Ex 2 DL|RO

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gosan no Heart Chapter 3

I sincerely apologize for the delay for anyone still waiting on me.
After this chapter there are still two short extras on the marvelous misadventures of our lovebirds. I'm aiming to crank that out in the next few days.

Also with the help of laketica at LJ, I cleared up a confusion on a translation in ch2 pg 30. I've updated the chapter and now offer you the new and improved version. Go grab it!

Without further ado... Till it runneth over, Holy Grail.

Gosan no Heart Ch2 version2 DL

Gosan no Heart Ch3  DL | RO

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gosan no Heart Chapter 2

First, I would like to apologize for the late release. My summer job started and my life got a whole lot more hectic. Also, I'd like to thank everyone for the supportive comments. I really appreciate them.

Second, two groups are actually working on GnH as a joint! I am incredibly happy and fully support their release!! Not only will it be directly from Japanese, they are a good quality group. Unfortunately, in accordance to their rules I cannot divulge their name or share their release when it comes out. For that reason I will finish GnH from Chinese scans, but strongly encourage those with access to read their release when it becomes available. Please don't ask me for their name.
On this point, I understand that some fans don't agree with double releasing. I won't ask you to agree with my decision, but please don't send angry emails to me or the other groups. My philosophy is to share my projects without restrictions.

Third, I once again warn my translation quality is not the best... It was certainly a challenge in some places for me. Especially the sfx.
oh well, shikata ga nai   ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Without further ado... We're up all night to get some, we're up all night to get lucky!

Gosan no Heart Chapter 2   DL|RO

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gosan no Heart Chapter1- Spanish, Vietnamese

A Spanish version of Gosan no Heart chapter 1 has been completed! Wow, that was fast wasn't it?
Here is a link to go check out!

Edit (6-17-2013): A Vietnamese version has been translated as well. Here is a link to check it out!

I've been getting a lot of mail asking to retranslate (and a lot for Spanish). I've updated it in my profile, but I'll say it again here. There is no need to ask; I give an okay for anyone to use it. Just give me credit and tell me after you've finished so I can make a promotion post here.

About teaming up, I'm happy you're considering me but I kind of want to stay free-lance for now.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gosan no Heart chapter 1

Here is the first chapter of Gosan no Heart (The Heart of Miscalculation) by Ogawa Chise.
I just want to stress that I am a single person doing this for fun. My translations might not be perfect. I also might've fudged some of the SFX oops. It was difficult to figure out the exact intention of some of them without guidance or prior experience... These are from Chinese scans which I do not own.
Please support the mangaka by purchasing a copy in Japanese.

I also want to stress that I do NOT want to discourage a legit group from picking title up if they become interested. They'd probably be much more reliable than me. Just please contact me so I know to stop.

On sharing: I don't foresee problems with sharing though I'd preferably like to keep this off Reader Sites that watermark scans. Please keep the credits page attached since the scans are not my own and I want to give credit. If this gets licensed in English, please cease distribution and purchase an English copy.

Well, without further ado, hope you enjoy!

Gosan no Heart Chapter1 RO  DL


Hello! Decided to move my host site to Blogger for convenience.

Well I'll be brief with introductions. Because I thought it was time to contribute to the yaoi community and I had originally thought I'd have some free time this summer, I decided to start a project of translation from Chinese scans for FUN. Unfortunately plans came up for the summer so I'm not sure how active I'll be, but I hope to continue. I want to be clear I am not a native Chinese speaker per say, but I grew up with it and took two semesters of accelerated Chinese. I'm not going to be perfect on translations but I'll try.